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SentinelOne Addresses Southeast Asia’s 43 Million Cybersecurity Attacks with Purple AI

SentinelOne has revealed the powerful capabilities of its pioneering AI model, designed to enhance cybersecurity teams facing significant challenges, including the gap of 40,000 cybersecurity roles in India in 2023.…

Akamai Expands Offerings in Hybrid DNS Infrastructure Security with Shield NS53

Akamai Technologies has announced the launch of Akamai Shield NS53, a product that protects on-premises (on-prem) Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure from resource exhaustion attacks. These attacks overwhelm servers to…

University of Pisa Relies on Vertiv for Data Infrastructure Capacity Expansion 

Vertiv has been selected by the University of Pisa to extend its existing data centre infrastructure and provide the new power and liquid cooling equipment needed to meet the new…

Bajaj Allianz Life Enhances CX With Premium Payment Services Upgrade via WhatsApp

India’s leading private life insurers Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance has introduced premium payment options on WhatsApp through a partnership with Meta. Connecting millions of Indian consumers, WhatsApp stands out as…

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