Celonis and BMW Strengthen Strategic Partnership

Celonis and the BMW Group have today announced they have significantly expanded their strategic partnership to continuously optimize BMW’s market-defining processes designed to increase its efficiency, productivity and sustainability. The two Munich-based industry leaders have also agreed to cooperate closely in the further development of future process mining innovations. 

The enhanced collaboration between the BMW Group and Celonis is a significant milestone in the development and application of Process Mining and Process Intelligence that not only sets the standard for the automotive industry but companies worldwide. By combining their respective leadership and expertise in global innovation, the companies will drive significant advances in digital transformation. The companies have a long-standing relationship, showcased by the BMW Groups pioneering use of Celonis’s recently announced Process Intelligence Graph and the development of AI-based innovations.

Center of Excellence for Process Mining as key success factor

A key factor in the BMW Group’s success since it began using process mining more than eight years ago is the establishment of its dedicated Process Mining Center of Excellence (CoE), which pools the company’s process mining expertise within its central IT department in order to drive the development and implementation of new innovative solutions.

Group-wide digitalization initiative with Celonis

The BMW Group relies on Celonis’ process mining technology to accelerate its Group-wide digitalization initiative. The aim is to make Celonis available to all the Group’s employees, giving them the ability to analyze all company processes relevant to them and to identify and eliminate anything that causes inefficiency.

The key areas of the collaboration:

  • Continuous data-based optimization of Group-wide processes to increase efficiency, productivity and sustainability
  • Use of the Celonis Process Intelligence Graph for cross-process optimization
  • Improving the software’s user experience to make it even easier to use, particularly for non-IT-savvy users
  • Close collaboration to develop innovative solutions

Close partnership also in the area of software development

The BMW Group’s Center of Excellence for Process Mining and Celonis’ development team also agreed to collaborate more closely to accelerate the joint development of process intelligence innovations. This includes, for example, connecting suppliers in cross-company processes more efficiently by automating the transfer of data (e.g. via CatenaX)  and mapping the entire customer journey. The collaboration will also focus on the integration of new AI technologies, such as the processing of information for operational employees in the production area. This will boost operational transparency and accountability by enabling everyone involved in a process to see all the relevant information in areas such as production or logistics.

“The BMW Group aims to be a pioneer in the quality and efficiency of corporate processes. This goal applies especially during our current transformation, the largest in the history of the BMW Group, towards electromobility, digitalization and circularity. Continuous analysis and optimization of our end-to-end processes with Celonis is a decisive factor in increasing productivity, minimizing resource consumption and making supply chains more resilient,” says Alexander Buresch, CIO of the BMW Group. “The software’s ease of use, thanks to the integration of AI models, opens up new opportunities for us to make process mining available to a large number of users throughout the company and thus utilize the potential of the technology more comprehensively than ever before.”

“Our long-standing collaboration with the BMW Group is a true success story, and we are delighted by the even stronger strategic cooperation that we are announcing today,” says Bastian Nominacher, co-founder and co-CEO of Celonis. “BMW is known as a  trailblazer in the use of new technologies: the company has been using process mining since 2016 and is also using our recently introduced Process Intelligence Graph to gain a holistic overview of their entire supply chain – from vehicle development to customer delivery and subsequent service. Our platform offers companies like the BMW Group unprecedented process intelligence and thus a central decision-making tool to take the right measures, quickly create added value and become more efficient overall.”

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