Brother Launches Innovative Connectable Label Printer Catering to B2B Sectors

Brother International India has introduced the latest in labelling technology and printing solution with its IOT-enabled connectable label printers. Targeted at the B2B segment and large corporates, Brother India has a range of label printers including handheld label printers, desktop label printers, professional label that meet an organization’s label printing needs.

Along with the innovative, IOT-enabled label printers, Brother India is also offering a professional labelling and mobile printing solutions to make it easy for organizations to keep track of their ever-increasing assets. Brother’s professional labelling solutions also help to cut down costs of label making and upgrading old labels and label reprints.

For over 30 years, Brother has led the way in labelling technology. From pioneering the world’s first electronic label printer in 1988 to consistently developing cutting-edge labelling solutions known for their unmatched quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Today, we uphold these core values while pushing the boundaries of wireless connectivity and mobile productivity across our extensive range of professional labelling solutions. Our offerings aren’t just the most dependable globally; they’re also the smartest. With the expanding manufacturing sector and growing labelling needs of end-use industries in India, coupled with the rapid growth of the packaging, transportation, and logistics sectors, we predict that there will be a considerable rise in the sales of label printers in India over the next few years.” – Alok Nigam, Managing Director at Brother International India.

Brother India’s labelling solutions have been specifically designed to not only stand up to the rigours of high-volume printing but also include innovative features and connectivity to complete the labelling functions quickly, reliably and effectively. It offers better cost effectiveness with long lasting labels, improved productivity with inbuilt labelling templates within Brother label printers and seamless printing through various connectivity options.

Brother’s label printers have Wi-Fi and smart device connectivity that make them capable of working seamlessly with mobile apps for mobile-enabled printing and label creation with great consistency and accuracy. In fact, labelling templates can be transferred between smart devices to enable faster label creation and printing.

The innovative label printers come with advanced laminated labels. These labels are durable, strong and have been designed withstand abrasions, water, spills, heat, cold and harsh environments. “Any labelling solution is as good as the quality of the labels themselves. Good labelling management ensures that the labels are durable and do not smear or fade over time. That is why at Brother we have designed innovative, hard-wearing and long-lasting labels that remain sharp and legible for over decades,” explains (Spokesperson). Our professional labelling solutions also offer a wide range of specialty supplies such as flexible ID tapes, self-laminating tapes, flag tapes, as well as heat shrink tubes.

To make it easier for our customers to deploy smart labelling systems with their organization, Brother India not only has range of label printers, but also specific solutions customised to meet industry-specific labelling needs. Some of the focus industries where the company has specialised label printing solutions include manufacturing, warehouse and logistics, electrical and automation, telecom, healthcare and laboratories, hospitality and food production, packaging and general business applications.

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