CtrlS Introduces Google Cloud Interconnect Services

CtrlS Datacentres has launched the Google Cloud Interconnect services in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi. With this service, businesses can leverage CtrlS Datacentres’ infrastructure and services to establish direct, reliable connections to Google Cloud, and benefit from enhanced network performance, reduced latency, and improved security when accessing Google Cloud services.

This collaboration also makes CtrlS Datacentres one of the first partners for Google Cloud Interconnect in Hyderabad – where the service has been launched for the first time. Here are some of the key benefits organisations can leverage through this service:

● Boost performance: Experience significantly reduced latency and enhanced data transfer speeds through direct, private connections to Google Cloud and Google Workspace.
● Strengthen security: Securely migrate and manage workloads in the cloud with robust encryption and dedicated network paths.
● Increase agility: Scale cloud resources effortlessly to meet evolving business demands, fostering greater flexibility and scalability.

“Our collaboration with Google Cloud marks a defining moment for the growing cloud landscape in the country. By bringing Google Cloud Interconnect to our state-of-the-art data centres, we’re unlocking a world of possibilities for businesses across industries. This strategic partnership aligns perfectly with the vision of CtrlS Datacentres and Cloud4C to foster a vibrant cloud ecosystem in India, equipping businesses with the agility and innovation they need to thrive in the digital era,” said Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Founder & CEO, CtrlS Group.

“At CtrlS Datacentres, we’re proud to be at the forefront of this evolution, offering Google Cloud Interconnect services in key technology hubs of India, which further signifies our commitment to democratising cloud access for businesses of all sizes. This game-changer service empowers businesses to harness the power of Google Cloud and Google Workspace with unmatched speed, security, and scalability, propelling their digital transformation journeys to new heights,” said Ashish Ahuja, Chief Technology Officer, CtrlS Datacentres Ltd.

Deb Deep Sengupta, President & Chief Revenue Officer, Cloud4C said, “Bridging the physical and digital realms has always been at the core of CtrlS Group. Now, by offering Google Cloud Interconnect across India, we’re not just connecting businesses to the cloud, we’re connecting them to the future. By partnering with Google Cloud, we’re bringing the power of the cloud closer to businesses nationwide, empowering them to unlock new possibilities and accelerate their digital journeys.”

Strengthening Cloud Ecosystem in Key Cities:

● Mumbai: All five existing CtrlS Datacentres (DC1, DC2, DC3, DC4, and DC5) and upcoming DCs 6-9 will host the service, providing extensive coverage and redundancy for Mumbai’s thriving business landscape.
● Delhi: CtrlS Datacentres’ Noida DC1 and future data centres will benefit from this collaboration, offering reliable and secure cloud access to Delhi’s diverse market.
● Hyderabad: All existing DCs (DC1, DC2, DC3 and upcoming Hyderabad Campus) in Hyderabad will be able to support customers to leverage power of Google Cloud Interconnect.
● Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Lucknow and Patna: Businesses in these growing cities can leverage the power of Google Cloud Interconnect through CtrlS Datacentres Cloud Connect services, unlocking new opportunities for innovation and growth.

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