Digital financial services Global Processing standardizes its Observability Practice on New Relic

New Relic has announced that Global Processing, a digital financial services platform that supports global brands like Ualá and powered 2700+ million transactions in 2023, has standardized its observability practice on New Relic. Global processing relies on New Relic AI, an in-platform generative AI assistant for observability, to simplify and scale onboarding and data correlation and as a result, has reduced alert noise by 50% and improved its ability to resolve IT outages by 30%.

Global Processing is a leading digital payment solutions provider in South America, servicing traditional banks, fintechs, neobanks, ecommerce and retail organizations. To better address compliance needs and maintain the reliability of its platform, Global Processing must have a holistic view of its IT data. Before New Relic, engineers manually pieced together data from four different dashboards and tools, and suffered from alert fatigue, making it difficult to focus on the problems that mattered most. Adopting a mature observability practice with New Relic allows Global Processing to remove data silos, speed up onboarding, and manage issues quickly. With New Relic, Global Processing can focus on shipping innovation and improving its platform, which ultimately helps them provide an exceptional customer experience and business growth.

Implementations and benefits include:

  • 50% reduction in alert noise: Used New Relic APM and New Relic AI to simplify the incident process by delivering engineers the alerts that really matter.
  • 30% improvement in MTTR: Engineers can focus on resolving issues, rather than sifting through tickets and manually piecing information together.
  • 10% faster platform onboarding: New Relic AI helps make observability easy to use and accessible to all experience levels by allowing the engineering team to use plain language to ask questions for rapid answers.

“One of the things I love about New Relic AI is that you can ask questions about your own telemetry and New Relic‘s documentation. We were having trouble with some configuration files, and we couldn’t get on the exact configuration parameter we needed to change. We asked New Relic AI and it pretty much answered that for us. Before New Relic AI, it was trial and error,” said Global Processing Observability Team Lead Santiago Lator. “I don’t want to be the gatekeeper of information. Tools like New Relic AI really help. If you’re not used to these platforms, you can get lost quickly. With New Relic, anyone can access information instantly—that’s one of the greatest virtues of New Relic AI.”

In addition to New Relic AI, Global Processing relies on several capabilities as part of the New Relic all-in-one platform including application performance monitoring (APM), configured alerts across both APM and browser applications, log data alongside APM data (to uncover the root cause of technical issues), and the infrastructure agent.

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