German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Says German Public Awareness of AI Is Lacking

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has said a greater everyday understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) is essential in business and society.

Consequently, German companies are missing the opportunities which are being availed by the US companies.

Addressing a meeting of the Alliance of Opportunities business network in Berlin on Friday Scholz said, “What AI is has not become common knowledge either in management or in society.”

“It would be important to me that we promote something of this importance in such a way that it is also linked to companies from Germany and Europe,” said Scholz.

As is the case with various countries, wide use of AI in German daily life is causing concern among people otherwise oblivious to its benefits and limitations.

Earlier in the year a review of how the topic of AI is addressed in the classroom was called by the head of the German Teachers’ Association (DL). The union was also of the view this also requires providing teachers with further training on the subject.

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