Indian smartphone landscape Poised for a dramatic shift with surging 5G demand

Technology market research and advisory firm CyberMedia Research (CMR) has announced its comprehensive industry study highlighting consumer preferences and retailer sentiments shaping the smartphone market this year. Based on insights from over 500 smartphone users and 250 retailers across major Indian cities, the study offers a vivid portrayal of the dynamic smartphone landscape on the brink of a transformative shift.

As consumer expectations evolve, the demand for 5G compatibility (70%), superior camera quality (68%), and extended battery life (66%) emerge as the top features.

According to Surachita Deb Sarma, Analyst-Industry Consulting Group (ICG), CyberMedia Research (CMR), “The Indian smartphone market is poised for a transformative year. Consumers are increasingly demanding more from their devices, prioritizing features like 5G, superior cameras, and longer battery life. Established brands face stiff competition from new contenders, making for an exciting and dynamic market in the coming year.”

The study found that smartphone users spend an average of one hour each on social media (67 minutes), watching reels (59 minutes), and chatting (57 minutes). Entertainment is a paramount need, with video streaming (49 minutes), music (39 minutes), and gaming (38 minutes) topping the user preferences.

Satisfaction levels with most brands surpass 50%, except for Realme (47%) and Vivo (44%). Realme and Vivo’s performance is attributed to user experiences with camera (67%), battery (63%), and the general perception of value for money (63%). Users contemplating a switch are primarily dissatisfied with poor battery life (37%), lag (34%), and inferior photo quality (32%), emphasizing the growing demand for smartphones with enhanced features, particularly 5G capability (70%).

iQOO emerges as a credible player, gaining positive word-of-mouth with 75% of users willing to recommend the brand. Samsung also secure positions in the top three, highlighting the brands that have gained the most credibility among both consumers and retailers.

LAVA, the only Indian Smartphone brand, stands strong with a 68% customer recommendation, surprising the market gaining the credibility score by 20%, securing the top spot among brands that have gained credibility in the past year. Despite a smaller market share, LAVA leads in user satisfaction (61%), primarily attributed to its value-for-money proposition.

Retailers corroborate a shifting market landscape, with 77% acknowledging the change. Anticipation is centred around 5G as a key demand driver (76%), positive sentiment towards Make in India (55%), and an expected surge in demand for AI solutions in smartphones (53%). As the industry undergoes a transformation, established brands face stiff competition from innovative contenders, ushering in an era of dynamic possibilities in the Indian smartphone market.

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