Interview with  Shailendra Shyam Sahasrabudhe, Country Manager for India, UAE, and South East Asia 

In conversation with Enterprise Times, Shailendra Shyam Sahasrabudhe, Country Manager for India, UAE, and South East Asia highlights the company’s focus on cybersecurity and talks about the evolving cybersecurity landscape in India and the challenges Indian organisations face.

Enterprise Times: What are your cybersecurity predictions for 2024.

    Shailendra Shyam Sahasrabudhe: In 2024, cybersecurity will face escalating challenges, with India emerging as a prime target for cybercriminals. AI will play a central role in both defence and threat activities, with generative AI systems enhancing phishing and scam tactics. Legal battles will intensify, driven by individual and class-action lawsuits, as countries worldwide tighten cybersecurity frameworks. Leadership discussions on cybersecurity will gain momentum, addressing talent gaps and emphasizing the broader impact on organizational components. Reflecting on 2023 predictions, operating systems, secrets, elevated accounts management, omnichannel phishing, and off-the-shelf attack tools will continue to be prime targets, urging organizations to fortify defences for a resilient cybersecurity posture.

    Enterprise Times: Could you tell us more on the role of AI and Machine Learning in advancing cybersecurity measures and the strategies employed by cyber attackers?

    Shailendra Shyam Sahasrabudhe: AI and Machine Learning play a dual role in cybersecurity. Offensive groups leverage AI to craft sophisticated, hard-to-detect phishing emails and explore polymorphic malware, adapting to evade detection. Defensively, AI enables custom scenarios by suggesting optimal tactics, with potential for automated assessments in the future. EDR and XDR platforms leverage AI for advanced pattern recognition, enhancing detection accuracy. The evolving landscape promises exciting possibilities for AI in shaping the future of cybersecurity, both in offense and defence.

    Enterprise Times: How are you leveraging artificial intelligence or machine learning in the detection, prevention and mitigation of cyberattacks?

    Shailendra Shyam Sahasrabudhe: Cymulate enables proactive security to improve your cyber resilience by identifying and mitigating gaps before they are discovered and exploited by threat actors. Cymulate products apply AI to enable flexible integrations with security controls and provide mitigation options for identified risks. For example, after aggregating the security findings from vulnerability scanners, Cymulate uses AI to create meaningful context for a reported vulnerability. The AI in Cymulate assigns the vulnerability to risk domains while creating a remediation plan that considers relevant compliance frameworks, guidance for patching, mitigation strategies with compensating controls, and business implications of validated exposure risk.

    Enterprise Times: What are the product/services innovations in security specific to Indian market you are working on?

    Shailendra Shyam Sahasrabudhe: Cymulate is a platform that will never be considered “completed” until malicious actors cease creating new methods of breaking into networks and institutions.  The Cymulate platform constantly sees fresh improvements as a result.  The number of third-party integrations supported by the Exposure Analytics component has significantly increased recently. Breach and Attack Simulation and Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART) have also implemented hundreds of resource objects and dozens of scenarios, and new development is happening every day. Future efforts include expansion of Attack Surface Management to include native vulnerability scanning functionality (while retaining the ability of Exposure Analytics to ingest data from 3rd-party platforms as well) and extending CART to automate even more complex assessment methodologies to meet the needs of more cybersecurity testing situations which can be safely and effectively automated.

    Enterprise Times: How strong are you in the Indian market? Are you planning any major channel expansion? Is there any major investment in the pipeline?

    Shailendra Shyam Sahasrabudhe: Cymulate is proactively strengthening its market position in India, as seen by ongoing platform improvements and a rise in third-party integrations, especially in Exposure Analytics. Plans to increase Attack Surface Management and continue improving Breach and Attack Simulation demonstrate a dedication to remaining ahead of the cybersecurity curve. Although specifics on significant channel growth and investments aren’t available, the platform’s dynamic evolution shows that it is committed to tackling new threats and upholding a strong cybersecurity posture.

    Enterprise Times: Security landscape is characterised with several security players. How differently are you positioning yourself among partners and in the market?

    Shailendra Shyam Sahasrabudhe: Cymulate distinguishes itself in a crowded security field by providing dynamic and ongoing security certification. Our platform distinguishes itself from the competition by committing to continuous improvement. We place a high priority on staying ahead of the cybersecurity curve and making sure that businesses are protected against ever-evolving threats. Examples of our features include Exposure Analytics, a vast network of third-party integrations, and future plans for enhanced Attack Surface Management.

    Enterprise Times: To select the right product or service from a large number of Security Service providers is a daunting task. For a comprehensive security solution what should a customer ideally look for?

    Shailendra Shyam Sahasrabudhe: It can be difficult to choose the best security solution from a wide range of vendors. An all-encompassing security system should place a high priority on ongoing development and threat adaptability. Choose a platform, like Cymulate, that has a significant market presence as seen by its continuous improvements and growing number of third-party connectors. A dedication to keeping ahead is demonstrated by important features like Exposure Analytics and plans to develop Attack Surface Management. Make sure the selected service addresses intricate assessment procedures and maintains a focus on ongoing improvement in breach and attack simulation. In the end, the best security solution should include strong features for a resilient cybersecurity posture and be in line with the dynamic nature of the threat landscape.

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