LogRhythm Appoints Pete Harteveld as Leader of Value Creation for Merger with Exabeam

In light of the upcoming merger between LogRhythm and ExabeamLogRhythm has announced the appointment of Pete Harteveld as the Leader of Value Creation. His role will be pivotal in ensuring a seamless and successful integration between the two organizations.

Harteveld brings extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) integration from his tenure at Deloitte and Compuware, where he specialized in navigating complex integrations and maximizing stakeholder value. At Deloitte, Pete led numerous high-profile projects, successfully merging diverse business operations and creating cohesive, high-performing entities. While at Compuware, Pete led the effort in seven acquisitions over a three and a half year span.  Additionally, his experience as Chief Revenue Officer has demonstrated his ability to drive revenue growth and operational efficiency.

As the Leader of Value Creation, Harteveld will focus on combining the strengths of both companies, aligning the integration efforts, and driving sustained growth for the unified organization. His unparalleled ability to simplify complex integrations and unlock maximum value for stakeholders will be instrumental in achieving these goals.

“We are thrilled to welcome Pete Harteveld to our team,” said Chris O’Malley, CEO of LogRhythm. “Pete is not just a seasoned leader; he is a visionary who understands the intricacies of integration and the importance of maintaining our core principles of continuously improving customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and the way we work. His passion for excellence and strategic insight are exactly what we need to navigate this pivotal moment with an eye to an innovation driven future.”

“I am incredibly honored to join this dynamic team as such a monumental time,” said Harteveld. “The merger of LogRhythm and Exabeam presents a unique opportunity to combine our strengths and deliver a security operations powerhouse. Together, we will build a unified organization that is innovative, resilient and positioned for the long-term success of our customers.”

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