National Technology Day 2024: The need for strategic technological investments

“AI is a given–and India, along with other countries such as Singapore, the UK and the US are leading with AI integration. With 60% of companies in these regions reporting active AI investments, IT leaders are urged to also reconsider their cloud investments, with over 85% of AI leaders globally looking to enhance their cloud automation over the next year.

In order to make any investment purposeful, it is important to measure it against long-term business needs. Seeing that 62% of larger companies are investing in AI compared to 36% of small businesses, the budget seems to be the primary consideration for AI integration. But comparing it against the long-term business needs is equally important, if not more, and those who cannot jump on the wagon immediately shouldn’t have to miss out.

At Creative Synergies Group, we leverage our digital engineering prowess to steer businesses in the direction that best suits their strategic goals. On this National Technology Day and forward, businesses should feel empowered to invest in AI despite the economic conditions. With strategic digital innovation support, businesses, global or Indian, large or small – have the potential to innovate with AI.” – Dr. Mukesh Gandhi, Founder and CEO, Creative Synergies Group

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