Noida International University And IBM Collaborate On Emerging Technologies

Noida International University (NIU) has partnered with the IBM Innovation Centre for Education (IBM ICE) to enhance technological education through strategic skill Development among Students. This strategic alliance promises to revolutionize the educational landscape at NIU, aligning with the university’s commitment to providing cutting-edge, industry-relevant education.

At Noida International University, the ongoing collaboration with IBM Innovation Centre for Education (IBM ICE) and Trans Neuron Technologies Pvt Ltd promises to continue transforming our educational landscape, particularly with the introduction of the B.Tech (Cyber Security) Program. This collaboration will dive our students into emerging technologies, benefiting from the innovative blend of IBM’s cutting-edge online platform and our immersive face-to-face sessions. This collaboration ensures our students not only gain applied IT knowledge but also develop a robust professional skill set, positioning them to stand out in the industry. This will help students to grow into confident and capable individuals, ready to tackle future challenges with ease. This partnership reinforces our commitment to providing top-notch education that aligns with industry demands and prepares our students for successful careers. The collaboration will empower students with essential skills in emerging technologies like cybersecurity and workplace skills for professional development, addressing the skills gap in the workforce.

Together with IBM ICE, NIU is shaping the innovators and leaders of tomorrow by providing students with unprecedented access to the most recent online learning resources and hands-on experience to meet the demands of the fast-changing technology industry. Learning new and advanced skills through this collaboration will help NIU students shape a skilled, future-ready workforce proficient in emerging technologies. Here’s to a future filled with growth and innovation!

Speaking on the collaboration with IBM, Prof. (Dr.) Uma Bhardwaj, Vice Chancellor of Noida International University, said, “We’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with IBM and the future opportunities it will bring through transforming our educational ecosystem. Our students will delve deeper into emerging technologies, leveraging IBM’s state-of-the-art online platform alongside our immersive face-to-face sessions. This collaboration ensures they acquire practical IT expertise and build a strong professional skill set, distinguishing themselves in the industry,” Ms. Bhardwaj added.

“With this successful partnership, our students will emerge as confident and capable individuals, well-prepared to tackle future challenges effortlessly. This collaboration reaffirms our commitment to providing high-quality education that meets industry demands and prepares our students for successful careers. Together with IBM ICE, we are shaping tomorrow’s innovators and leaders. Here’s to a future of growth and innovation!!”

As NIU and IBM ICE continue their collaboration, students can anticipate a rich and transformative learning experience that bridges the gap between academic theory and practical application.

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