­­­­­­­­Okta Announces Key Appointments In India

Okta has announced the appointment of two new leaders that will spearhead the company’s expansion into the India market.

Atul Agarwal will serve as the Regional Vice President (RVP) and Country Head for Okta India, with Nikhil Hasija as the Head of the India Innovation Centre. This move underscores Okta’s commitment to driving secure digital transformation in India, amplifying its presence in the region, and further enhancing its world-class customer support.

Atul Agarwal, a seasoned IT industry leader with an illustrious career spanning nearly two decades, brings a wealth of experience to his new role. He will spearhead Okta’s sales operations in India and play a pivotal role in positioning the company as a key player in India’s burgeoning cybersecurity and digital identity landscape. Atul has demonstrated exceptional expertise across various domains, including software, martech, DX (Digital Experience), CX (Customer Experience), professional services, datacentre, network, security, and infrastructure consulting solutions. His extensive knowledge of regional markets and business dynamics, gained from his work across North, West, and South India, will be invaluable in driving Okta’s mission to deliver secure and seamless digital experiences to Indian businesses and government agencies.

Nikhil Hasija is a technology veteran, from building and launching products, to architecting systems, to being the founder and CEO of Azuqua until its merger with Okta in 2019. He will lead the state-of-the art Indian Innovation Centre which was inaugurated in August in Bengaluru. This centre will serve as a hub for developing cutting-edge identity solutions to accelerate Okta’s global leadership in identity and access management. Nikhil brings a deep understanding of technology and innovation to his role as Vice President of Engineering overseeing the Identity Orchestration and Identity Management product portfolios. His leadership and passion for transforming the industry will be instrumental in advancing Okta’s identity and secure access solutions on a global scale.

“India’s vibrant digital landscape is a strategic focal point for Okta, and the appointments of Atul Agarwal and Nikhil Hasija marks a significant milestone in our journey to strengthen our presence in the region.” said Neville Vincent, Vice President of Asia for Okta. “This expansion is a testament to our commitment to driving business growth and fostering strong relationships with our customers in this region. We will continue to invest in India to deliver innovative identity solutions that will help businesses thrive in an increasingly digital world.”

Atul Agarwal, RVP and Country Head, Okta India, added: “India is on the cusp of an extraordinary digital evolution, and I am honoured to lead Okta’s charge in strengthening the nation’s cybersecurity and digital identity frontier. In this age of exponential technological growth, we envision India not just as a consumer but as a vanguard of cutting-edge digital solutions. Okta is forging a new era where businesses and government entities in India will find their digital identities and transactions secure, and I am committed to contributing to this advancement.”

Nikhil Hasija, Head – Innovation Centre, Okta India, said: “The India Innovation Centre at Okta offers a unique opportunity to rethink digital identity solutions. In a nation known for its innovation and a thriving community of talented individuals, we are positioned to take a leading role in shaping the future of secure digital identities. With a strong commitment to service excellence, we embark on this journey to revolutionise how the world views and uses digital identities. Our goal is to combine innovation and security, and I am excited to lead this transformative effort, making sure India’s expertise stands out on the global digital stage.”

Okta’s expansion in India is part of its broader strategy to support the country’s growing digital economy and reinforces its position as the trusted identity provider for forward-thinking businesses and government agencies. With these appointments, Okta reaffirms its commitment to fostering robust partnerships that will drive digital transformation and security innovation across India’s evolving business landscape.

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