Proofpoint Completes the Acquisition of Email Security Firm Tessian

Cybersecurity and compliance company Proofpoint has completed its acquisition of Tessian, a leader in the use of advanced AI to automatically detect and guard against both accidental data loss and evolving email threats.

Combining Proofpoint’s threat and data loss protection technology and intelligence with Tessan’s AI-powered behavioral and dynamic detection will give organizations the most comprehensive defense available against the human layer risks with any deployment model they choose. Attacks targeted at people and human error remain behind over 90% of successful cyber-attacks, from ransomware to BEC, and over 90% of data loss, including the 65% of data loss incidents that result from misdirected email.

Unlike other solutions that rely either solely on threat intelligence or limit their detections to AI, our solution will be able to drive unparalleled effectiveness against the full range of human-targeted threats, from social engineering to malware to credential phishing. The combined platform will also enable organizations to prevent data loss across the most critical collaboration channels, from email to the cloud to the endpoint, leveraging an industry-first combination of user activity, behavioral AI, and data classification.

Proofpoint intends to bring these powerful joint solutions to market in early 2024.

“Tessian’s innovative technology will further enhance Proofpoint’s threat and information protection platforms by adding powerful layers of AI-powered defense that address risky user behaviors, including misdirected email and data exfiltration,” said Darren Lee, executive vice president and general manager of Proofpoint’s Security Products and Services Group. “We’re delighted to welcome the Tessian team to Proofpoint and look forward to helping organizations address the most frequent form of data loss at the most critical stages of the attack chain.”

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