Veritas Recognised For Addressing Climate Change In Supply Chain

Veritas Technologies has announced that The Climate Registry has awarded it the 2024 Value Chain Leadership Award for exceptional commitment, initiatives, performance and outcomes focused on scope 3 emissions.

Scope 3 emissions are defined as the result of activities from assets not owned or controlled by the reporting organisation, but that the organisation indirectly affects in both its upstream and downstream value chain.

“Critical to this award was contracting with a new freight carrier, and as part of this RFP, environmental and corporate responsibility criteria carried a 20% scorecard weighting” explained Conor Nolan, Sr. Director, Product Operations, Veritas International.  “Our new approach for the Europe-Asia lane delivered a 90% reduction in emissions and 20% reduction in freight costs”

The company also established an innovative asset disposition programme that helped its value chain save 8 million kilograms of CO2 emissions, 4 billion litres of water and 52 million metric tons of earth.

Rags Srinivasan, chief sustainability officer at Veritas, said: “We’re honoured to receive The Climate Registry’s Value Chain Leadership Award and be part of a group of organisations leading change to reduce the impact of the climate crisis. Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond words—it’s about actively listening to our customers’ sustainability goals, being meticulous in how we pick and work with our suppliers and building cyber resiliency appliances that not only protect against ransomware attacks but are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Our dedicated team is advancing sustainability at Veritas every day.”

Veritas was recognised with other Climate Leadership Awards recipients on May 22 at the Climate Leadership Conference presented by The Climate Registry.

Amy Holm, executive director at The Climate Registry, said: “Congratulations to 2024 Climate Leadership Award winner Veritas Technologies for its stand-out achievements. At a time when the world urgently needs more climate ambition, these organisations and individuals demonstrate what is possible.”

Learn more about the Veritas commitment to environmental, social and governance principles here.

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