Vertiv Unveils Next-Gen High-Performance Power Solutions for Small Office and Network Edge in India

Vertiv has unveiled the Vertiv Liebert GXT MT+ EX uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system is available in models from 1-3 kVA and offers extended runtime capabilities for high-performance power protection for network edge and small office. It is available now in India for high-performance power protection.

The Liebert GXT MT+ EX offers intelligent management features along with online double conversion UPS protection, helping guard against blackouts, brownouts, sags, surges, and noise interference. Additionally, its output power factor eliminates the necessity for system oversizing while maintaining a consistent power level. The intelligent remote monitoring feature enables remote monitoring through RJ45 connection ports, facilitating the management of multiple UPS systems over the internet. It provides real-time dynamic graphs of UPS data and issues warning notifications through audible alarms, broadcast, and mobile alerts.

“Vertiv is committed to aligning our product innovation with the evolving requirements of our customers,” said Soumitra Bhattacharjee: senior product manager – small & micro-UPS, India, Vertiv. “The Liebert® GXT MT+ EX is an innovative solution for edge and smaller applications, with its intelligent management features to enable customers’ mission critical IT infrastructure and its broad power protection. We will continue to empower organizations with our reliable and innovative IT infrastructure solutions.”

The UPS system boasts of a robust 0.9 output power factor for efficient power utilization and supports higher operating temperatures. It incorporates an inbuilt Over Voltage Cut-Off Device (OVCD) for enhanced protection, a wide input voltage range, and input power factor correction to optimize power efficiency. It also has a 1A inbuilt charger for the standard backup model and 6A charger for the extended back-up model.

Additionally, the Vertiv(TM) Liebert GXT MT+ EX comes with a 4-stage, extendable charging design for optimized battery performance and adjustable battery charging. It also has multiple advanced communications and display options. It can operate at higher temperatures and higher efficiencies helping to reduce overall operating costs and carbon footprint.

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