Yokogawa Joins Fortinet’s Engage Partner Program

Yokogawa Engineering Asia Pte. Ltd., a leading company in industrial automation (IA) and technology solutions, recently announced that it has joined Fortinet’s Engage Partner Program. As the global cybersecurity leader driving the convergence of networking and security, Fortinet’s Engage Partner Program is focused on maximizing opportunities for partners and enabling customer success.  

Dr. Darius Ngo, Senior Vice President, Digital Enterprise Head Yokogawa Engineering Asia Pte. Ltd. Said: “We are excited to join Fortinet’s Engage Partner Program, which marks a significant step in our commitment to ensuring the security of IT/OT integration in key industries such as Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Mining, and Manufacturing. Our extensive experience in industrial automation and our deep understanding of the unique security challenges faced by these sectors make us well-positioned to deliver comprehensive security solutions in partnership with Fortinet.”

Michael Murphy, OT APAC Leader, Fortinet said: “Fortinet is proud to be formalising our historically close relationship with Yokogawa as a strategic partner within the operational technology and critical infrastructure landscape. As OT systems become increasingly desirable targets by threat actors, they face elevated risks from both commodity and sophisticated malicious manipulation. This strategic partnership leverages Fortinet’s expertise in networking, monitoring, and access security, alongside Yokogawa’s transformative consulting services, to fortify defences and shape the future of secure, digitalised OT facilities. We are proud to collaborate and protect what matters most together.”

A Program Focused on Enabling Opportunities for Partners 

Fortinet is committed to helping partners meet new and evolving customer challenges created by work-from-anywhere models, hybrid IT environments, and the evolving threat landscape through Fortinet’s Engage Partner Program and enablement tools for partners. The program is focused on enabling growth opportunities that are unique with Fortinet’s expansive portfolio built around the Fortinet Security Fabric, designed to secure customers’ entire infrastructure from the data center to the cloud. 

In addition, Fortinet is committed to helping partners grow productive, predictable, and rewarding relationships to differentiate from competitors. The Fortinet Engage Partner program helps partners acquire the industry knowledge they need to increase business opportunities, deliver digital acceleration for customers with customizable programs, and accelerate partner growth.

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