Zoho Corp wins the IET India Future of Work Award 2023

Zoho Corp was honoured with the IET India Future of Work Award 2023 by The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) India, a global engineering body at the forefront of innovation, advocating and leading technology use for positive social impact.  The IET recognized Zoho Corp for generating jobs for local and developing talents through the use of cloud computing and other technological advancements.

Zoho Corp’s innovative approach has led to the establishment of a multi-point, distributed, rural-based mini workplace ecosystem, which has the potential to serve as a catalyst for reversing the trend of migration to large urban centres in pursuit of livelihood, ultimately shaping a more sustainable and inclusive future for the workforce.

Therefore, the organization was conferred the IET India Future of Work Award recognises organisations that have used technology to transform the way they work by developing pioneering products and solutions that support the new work order and promote organisational diversity and inclusion. It is 1 of the 7 categories under the IET India awards that aim to motivate India’s large and rapidly expanding engineering talent to apply cutting-edge technologies to tackle world issues.

“The IET India Awards are not just a platform to recognise exceptional engineering efforts, but to encourage and inspire a new generation to champion technology adoption for social impact. This year, we received exceptional entries from individuals and organisations across domains, each showcasing remarkable innovation and creativity in the adoption of emerging technologies. But the winners definitely stood out. We eagerly anticipate their future contributions to the continually evolving engineering landscape.” said Mr. Shekhar Sanyal, country director, IET India.

The first edition of the IET India Awards was successfully concluded in 2021, in celebration of 150 years of the Institution of Engineering and Technology.  Now in its third edition, the institution received a large number of entries from individuals and organizations across the country. The next edition of the awards will be announced in May 2024, and further details will be available on IET India’s website and social media handles.

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