Qlik Establishes AI Council

Qlik has announced the establishment of its inaugural AI Council to help accelerate the responsible development of its AI-driven product portfolio, benefitting from the expertise of some of the world’s most prominent AI experts.

AI Council is an initiative that further embeds leading edge, ethical AI development at the heart of the Qlik’s mission and industry proposition. 

Qlik’s Generative AI Benchmark Report found that 31% of senior executives plan to spend over $10 million on generative AI initiatives in the coming year and 79% have already invested in generative AI tools or projects.

The AI Council features some of the most renowned subject matter experts from around the world including Nina Schick – Author, Advisor and Founder of an advisory firm focused on GenAI; Dr. Rumman Chowdhury – Responsible AI leader, engineer, auditor and investor; Kelly Forbes – Co-Founder and Executive Director, AI Asia Pacific Institute, Dr. Michael Bronstein – DeepMind Professor of Artificial Intelligence, University of Oxford.

“The formation of Qlik’s AI Council is a strategic leap, reflecting our deep-seated commitment to not just advancing AI, but doing so with ethical integrity and practical applicability,” said Mike Capone, CEO of Qlik. “Our goal is crystal clear: to enable our customers to harness AI in a way that’s not only transformative, but also responsible. By uniting a cadre of AI luminaries, we are sharpening our focus on delivering AI solutions that are not just cutting-edge, but also seamlessly integrated and governed. This initiative is a pivotal chapter in our journey, marking a bold move towards democratising AI in a manner that is both accessible and aligned with our core mission of driving substantial, data-driven business outcomes.”

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