Adarsh Nair Resigns From Airtel Digital

Airtel Digital’s chief executive officer Adarsh Nair has resigned from the company following a five-year stint with the digital services arm of Bharti Airtel. Nair was also the chief product officer of Airtel.

Nair reportedly tendered his resignation so that he can relocate to the US early next year, according to his resignation letter.

“We wish to inform you that Nair, chief product officer of the company has resigned and accordingly, ceases to be a senior management personnel of the company. His resignation has been accepted on November 03, 2023 and he will be relieved from his duties upon closure of business hours on February 15, 2024,”  according to a regulatory filing.

Nair, in the letter to Airtel MD Gopal Vittal, said, “I also believe the next line of leaders are ready to take on my various portfolios. With the above in mind, please consider this letter as my formal resignation as Chief Product Officer, Bharti Airtel Limited.”

“I am deeply grateful to Airtel, Sunil and you for the multitude of opportunities given to me over the past 5 years in crafting and scaling our digital organization,” Nair said.

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