AI4Rx Launches AI Powered MedBeat HealthConnect Plus for Clinics, Medical community

MedBeat HealthConnect Plus, an Artificial Intelligence augmented healthcare application from AI4Rx, launched for Clinics and Medical Community. MedBeat HealthConnect Plus, targeted at medical institutions and doctors with independent practice, uses AI to not just get an accurate medical summary of patients’ ailments and symptoms, but also offers differential diagnoses.

Acting as a Digital Avatar of the junior doctor, the app will help independent physicians and small clinics to manage their consultation time better. MedBeat HealthConnect Plus will assist the medical professionals acquire and retain patients, by an integrated offering that helps in decision making with accurate diagnosis.

The patient app will ensure that the communication issues due to language barriers is taken care of since the app asks questions about patients’ symptoms in their own language. Currently available in Hindi and English, the app asks questions in these languages but creates a summary in medical terminology. The assistant app will then share the summary with the Doctor with differential diagnoses for the Doctors’ consumption. The doctor can physically examine the patient clinically and reach a formal diagnosis.

MedBeat HealthConnect Plus will help in reducing around 14-20% of consultation time and in addition will help in analyzing the symptoms better and reaching a quicker and more accurate diagnosis. The accuracy rate of the app in trials is around 95%.

“Today, medical practice is plagued with the issues related with time management. For clinics or independent physicians, the pressure of a full OPD with a large number of patients waiting causes massive stress. In MedBeat HealthConnect Plus, we have created a  digital avatar of a Junior Doctor which helps in creating a medical summary by listening to the patients symptoms and then sharing this with a differential diagnosis with the senior doctor”, says Dr. Monika Agarwal, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist, AI4Rx.

The app is backed by an effective algorithm that asks the most relevant questions for the differential diagnosis. It is a hybrid model that focuses on expert knowledge in medicine with data driven learning. Unlike other deep learning models, MedBeat HealthConnect Plus is transparent, explainable and verifiable by experts. It’s also lightweight, highly scalable, and comes with APIs for easy integration.

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