Altimetrik elevates DE&I with WINGS Initiative: A milestone report

Altimetrik has redefined its commitment to diversity and inclusion with the Women’s Initiative for Networking Growth and Success (WINGS). The initiative launched on International Women’s Day (IWD) 2021, was focused on increasing the number of women employees in the India market before going global.

Since its inception, Altimetrik WINGS has been a cornerstone of empowerment and diversity in the modern workplace. In 2023 alone, Altimetrik hired over 550 women, increasing the women-to-men ratio to 27%. Since inception, WINGS has achieved significant milestones, driving increased participation and growth of women in the workforce through programs like:

  • REBOUND – Back to Work Program: Designed to help women re-enter the workforce after a career break, REBOUND has empowered over 20 women to revive their careers through mentorship and support.
  • Learning and Inspire Series: These sessions, led by women leaders, have focused on topics such as Imposter Syndrome, legal awareness, self-branding, and financial literacy, inspiring and empowering women in their professional journeys.
  • Focus Group Connect: Regular focus groups have provided a platform for women to connect, share experiences, and support each other, fostering a culture of collaboration and empowerment.

“Altimetrik remains dedicated to propelling change, empowering women, and championing diversity. Through WINGS, we aim to accelerate growth, foster innovation, and leadership and reinforce our commitment to creating an inclusive ecosystem where women thrive, driving collective success,” said Krishna Muniramaiah, Altimetrik Head of HR for APAC.

Ranga Kanapathy, Chief Transformation Officer – APAC: Chief Delivery Officer added: “Empowering women employees to achieve their full potential is a fundamental value at Altimetrik. And we are ready to do whatever it takes to help them keep growing in their careers. Which is why a focused initiative like WINGS acts as a catalyst to bring out issues and challenges that sometimes go unnoticed and builds a platform that fosters growth and success for women.”

Initiatives Launched in 2023:

In a significant leap forward, and building on its success, Altimetrik introduced five new initiatives in 2023 under WINGS, attracting over 1300+ participants across all locations, to further empower women and provide opportunities for professional growth:

  • My Stage: Empowers anyone within the organization to share their insights and expertise on various topics, promoting inclusivity and diversity of thought.
  • MentHerUp: Focused on mentoring and career advancement, MentHerUp supports women in their professional journeys and help them progress into leadership roles.
  • Speed Mentoring: Interactive mentoring sessions with senior leadership offering valuable guidance and insights to create a diverse and inclusive learning environment.
  • Women in Tech: Workshops and sessions on emerging technologies provide women with opportunities to enhance their skills and stay updated in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. Additionally, external speakers are also invited to share their expertise on topics such as health, mental wellness, and diversity.
  • TalentCast: A platform created for women to showcase their creative side and help others learn arts and crafts beyond their day jobs. This has included Mandala workshops, coffee painting, miniature crafts among others.

Impact and growth metrics:

  • More than 20 women have successfully re-entered the workforce through the REBOUND program, demonstrating the tangible impact of WINGS on women’s careers.
  • 18 mentees and 15 mentors participated in MentHerUp in the first batch, achieving over 85% retention rate, showcasing the program’s success in nurturing talent.
  • Speed Mentoring sessions engaged 40 mentees and 30 mentors across five locations, fostering meaningful connections and learning opportunities.
  • Two sessions of Women in Tech & Talent Cast attracted over 600 participants, providing a platform for showcasing unique skills and knowledge.
  • Women leaders participated in global events such as the Global Fintech Fest and DCULT, contributing to knowledge sharing and collaboration beyond the organization.

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