Altimetrik Unveils a Market First Digital Business Methodology

With global spending on digital technologies and AI projected to exceed $3.4 trillion by 2026, the urgency to embrace digital business has never been greater. Recognized as a strategic differentiator crucial for revenue growth, digital business remains elusive for many companies. Despite this, traditional approaches often hinder adoption, leaving today’s complex technology as a debt rather than an asset. Altimetrik’s unveiling of its Digital Business Methodology (DBM) leverages 10 years of experience in delivering outcomes and growth for customers. At the core of the DBM is the business taking the ownership and engagement which enables successful implementation of GenAI/AI. Altimetrik’s launching of its business-facing digital business brand is a unique and proven model within the industry.

Business stakeholders are grappling with challenges and confusion surrounding GenAI/AI stemming from issues such as data quality, complexity, silos, and an abundance of tools. The inability to align business intuition with GenAI/AI language models due to data challenges further undermines confidence in decision-making and a reluctance for the business to take ownership. As noted by McKinsey and other industry leaders, strong digital business and AI capabilities generate value and create a sustainable competitive advantage. The paradigm has shifted from digital transformation to digital business, and here, businesses take the ownership to drive the outcomes by taking a holistic approach.

To address these hurdles, DBM, a business-facing holistic approach is necessary. It brings in the needed discipline within a cloud agnostic ecosystem and is supported by simplified technology and end-to-end workflows. Empowering businesses to consolidate and analyze data from various sources with agility, at the sprint level, facilitates the convergence of data that supports intuition with market intelligence. Applying end-to-end business rules at each stage enhances understanding of language models, boosting productivity, operational rigor, and growth. By moving away from the current complex enterprise ecosystem to a business-facing model represents a simplified approach to technology that supports data, GenAI/AI, and business intuition.

With an agile engineering approach and the right technology talent, businesses can unlock the full potential of digital business and GenAI/AI, fostering the creation of data and innovation assets, operations rigor, higher productivity, security, and compliance. Altimetrik’s groundbreaking DBM is the solution. No one else in the marketplace has a focus on engaging the business, the DBM introduces a unique approach to navigating the complexities of the digital age, unlocking previously untapped growth opportunities.

“Our DBM represents the first proven approach to digital business in the market, empowering companies to foster collaboration and drive innovation, there is no other company that offers this today.” said Raj Vattikuti, Executive Chairman at Altimetrik. “I am excited with the launch of our unique digital business brand and take great pride in our team’s successful track record as a strategic partner to customers creating innovative solutions that drive growth.”

The DBM is technology agnostic and business facing, employing engineering methodologies that remove data silos, establish SSOTs, and develop the necessary assets for GenAI/AI — fueling continuous innovation while ensuring security and compliance throughout the process. This engineering approach helps to ensure quality, security, and compliance that is auditable, and traceable. Data scientists and engineering teams work together to identify language models and algorithms related to their business intuition. Leveraging new data technologies such as Snowflake and Databricks, independent of the existing complex environments, creates valuable data, innovation, and AI/ML assets through a rigorous engineering approach.

Central to DBM is business taking the ownership and engagement through a holistic, incremental approach that prioritizes outcomes. Instead of relying on consultants that are focused on high level strategy, practitioners simplify business cases and end-to-end workflows to establish a specific use case that integrate real-time data from various sources. This is achieved in a tool-agnostic environment, leveraging a combination of tools. Further, specific GenAI/AI language models and other algorithms drive significant productivity gains through smart interfaces and real-time interactions.

The DBM is enforced by a cloud agnostic Digital Business Platform (DBP) tailored to each customer’s environment yet operating independently from their existing complex and siloed infrastructure. This fully automated end-to-end platform empowers the organizations to adopt automation seamlessly, ensuring outcomes are achieved with greater speed, consistency, and scale. With Altimetrik’s accelerators, implementation can be achieved within a very short time in the customer environment.

Altimetrik facilitates internalization of digital skills and culture, enabling clients to identify talent both internally and externally through the Digital Business Academy (DBA). As a catalyst we help customers to build an agile digital business culture where talent becomes practitioners that can simplify experiences. The company’s practitioner and engineering teams emphasizes simplifying user experience and providing data and SSOT for applying relevant language models and algorithms supporting business intuition. Initially implemented for Altimetrik’s 6,000+ engineers, leaders, GenAI/AI scientists, and practitioners worldwide, the DBA is now accessible to clients, as well.

Embarking on this journey over a decade ago, Altimetrik has been a pioneer of digital business. According to Raj Sundaresan, CEO of Altimetrik, “Through ourDBA we have developed a proficiency inour leadership for data, product, and platform engineering, including legacy platform modernization, and market-facing industry solutions. Our holistic approach incorporates capability centers comprising of practitioners, engineering leaders, DevSecOps, and GenAI/AI experts, empowering business engagement and ownership through our DBM, DBP, and DBA accelerators.”

For digital business to be successful, it must be done separately from the existing environment to create the needed culture and talent. Altimetrik is a digital business pioneer and over the past decade has developed the tools and methodologies that ensures enterprises can transition to a true digital business.

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