AVEVA launches CONNECT at Hannovr Messe

AVEVA has chosen Hannover Messe to unveil CONNECT, the world’s fastest growing industrial intelligence platform providing trusted and actionable insights to decision-makers in diverse sectors. CONNECT empowers industrial leaders with a deeper understanding of their business and an intelligent digital twin that unifies insights across their industrial ecosystem to drive performance, optimize efficiency, and maximize sustainability for increased ROI. Built on the trusted software of AVEVA, CONNECT brings together applications from diverse other providers including Schneider Electric, RIB, ETAP, and other partners.

As an open and neutral digital platform spanning the entire industrial lifecycle in real time, CONNECT offers native data services, visualization services, modeling and analytics capabilities, application development services, as well as service and usage management. Within a single experience, the platform brings together data, the digital twin, industrial artificial intelligence, and deep domain expertise. Thanks to its cloud foundation on Microsoft Azure, CONNECT also empowers industries with scalable capabilities that can unlock new levels of sustainability and efficiency.

During the press conference held today at Hannover Messe, Caspar Herzberg, CEO, AVEVA declared, “The connected industrial economy will unlock the benefits of global collaboration across the industrial ecosystem. As the world’s leading industrial intelligence platform, CONNECT empowers industrial teams with a holistic understanding of the value chain and sparks real-time innovation at every level. Enhanced with analytics and AI, this unique and complete data ecosystem provides unparalleled efficiency in one frictionless environment, where teams are empowered to engineer smarter, operate better and drive profitability. “

“CONNECT is accelerating the next wave of industrial digital transformation (Industrial DX 2.0). This AI-infused platform shares and unifies relevant industrial intelligence in the cloud to drive enhanced efficiency, productivity, and sustainability for companies, their partners and customers. From streamlining workflows to real-time monitoring and control, to improving remote collaboration, and maximizing the end-to-end lifecycle performance of industrials assets, CONNECT addresses the industry’s digital transformation needs” Herzberg added.

Enabling a custom industrial ecosystem

CONNECT enables industrial enterprises to make the most of their technology investment in the cloud by combining remote assets, applications from AVEVA, and 3rd-party data sources into one single, secure platform, creating a unique industrial ecosystem calibrated for game-changing innovation.

According to IDC’s 2023 Future of Industry Ecosystems global survey, the vast majority (90%) of 1288 industrial C-suite and business leaders said they planned to maintain or accelerate their investment in their unique data ecosystems. IDC’s survey spanned decision-makers across energy, construction, process manufacturing, government and other industries around the world.

How CONNECT unlocks new industry paradigms

ZGlobal, a California-based consulting firm, closed the gap between insight and emissions reduction using CONNECT’s cloud-based data-sharing solutions to consult and contextualize in real time insights from across their solar power ecosystem. Tangible outcomes include enhanced transparency for both companies and their partners, thousands of dollars saved, and thousands of metric tons of carbon emissions avoided—all while enabling the clean energy transition.

CONNECT, is already used by tens of thousands of active users each month. Featured products within CONNECT’s near-limitless boundaries include AVEVA PI System, AVEVA Operations Control, AVEVA Unified EngineeringAVEVA Advanced AnalyticsAVEVA Asset Information Management , RIB CostX, and more.

The CONNECT ecosystem is growing to include new and exciting partnerships that will form the basis of a new industrial applications marketplace.

For example, AVEVA and Microsoft unify and contextualize production execution data and supply chain production planning data in Microsoft Fabric, using AVEVA’s industrial intelligence platform, CONNECT, and Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing.

Matt Kerner, CVP Microsoft Cloud said: “CONNECT bridges the gap between operational technology and information technology. CONNECT seamlessly integrates data, enables real-time monitoring, leverages predictive analytics, and ensures cloud scalability. This solution empowers our customers to optimize processes, enhance quality, and drive efficiency.”

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