Kramer Unveils Panta Rhei – The Next Generation Audio-Visual Ecosystem Platform

Audio-visual experiences company Kramer has announced the launch of Panta Rhei, a single, centralized, cloud-based platform designed to reform the audio-visual ecosystem experience. Panta Rhei encompasses the entire audio-visual lifecycle, offering an unprecedented suite of services for System Integrators, IT/AV managers, and end-users.

The Next Generation Audio-Visual Ecosystem Platform

Panta Rhei is a reflection of Kramer’s vast experience and expertise in the audio-visual market. This platform, rooted in decades of industry leadership, showcases Kramer’s extensive intellectual property and profound engineering knowledge. Our deep involvement in the audio-visual sector has equipped us with an unparalleled understanding of both the technological and practical aspects of audio-visual environments, which is intricately woven into the Panta Rhei platform.

Kramer’s impressive install base, featuring hundreds of thousands of installations with millions of devices globally, is a cornerstone in the development of Panta Rhei. This extensive reach is a testament to Kramer’s ability to address diverse audio-visual needs on a large scale. Recognizing the complexity and variety of these installations, Panta Rhei is specifically designed to provide customers with a unified platform that is adept at managing not only all Kramer installations but also seamlessly integrates with third-party devices.

Panta Rhei is meticulously designed to serve the entire audio-visual ecosystem. It addresses the specific needs of various stakeholders, from system integrators to IT/AV managers and end-user applications. By catering to this broad spectrum of the audio-visual market, Panta Rhei stands as a versatile and inclusive platform, capable of elevating the audio-visual experience across multiple sectors and applications.

Comprehensive End-to-End Audio-Visual Lifecycle Experience

Panta Rhei is uniquely designed to support every stage of the audio-visual lifecycle, facilitating a seamless transition from planning and deployment to management, support, and end-user services. This holistic platform adds value at each point in the lifecycle, enhancing the user experience. It empowers System Integrators and IT/AV Managers to effortlessly and remotely set up and manage audio-visual environments across diverse sectors and applications.

Panta Rhei bridges the gap between IT and AV environments with a unique comprehensive approach that looks at the audio-visual cycle as one, allows a seamless transition of data, information, and consistent experience throughout the lifecycle, driving convergence by integrating traditional audio-visual capabilities with modern IT practices. This integration streamlines processes, enhancing operational efficiency and reliability. The convergence leads to increased uptime and device usage while simultaneously reducing support costs and time in the audio-visual realm.

“Panta Rhei reflects Kramer’s deep commitment to our customers and the entire audio-visual industry. This platform is the result of two years of intensive development, leveraging our four decades of expertise in the audio-visual sector. With Panta Rhei, we’re embracing a significant shift from hardware-centric solutions to a more software-driven approach, signaling a new era in audio-visual technology. This evolution is just the beginning. We’re dedicated to continually expanding Panta Rhei, introducing more services and capabilities to ensure our customers are equipped with the most advanced and efficient tools to meet their evolving needs,” says Gilad Yron, Kramer’s CEO.

Panta Rhei Services:

Panta Rhei is a service-based platform that not only simplifies the administration and control of audio-visual systems but also elevates their performance. Features include, but are not limited to: 

Setup & Management: Quickly build, configure, and manage audio-visual environments, either remotely or on-site, thereby reducing time and resources required.

Monitor & Support: Enables effective tracking, monitoring, and health reporting of audio-visual environments to boost uptime and utilization. The platform’s integration with IT support systems and remote troubleshooting capabilities expedites support resolution, enhancing user satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Analytics: Gain actionable intelligence on meeting technologies, devices, and spaces usage, allowing for better planning, budgeting, and optimization of audio-visual resources.

Session Manager: Combining VIA and Quicklaunch, the Session Manager Service/Application facilitates easy initiation and management of sessions, ensuring a consistent user experience across all audio-visual spaces.

AVoIP Manager: An innovative cloud-based manager supporting multiple AVoIP technologies, seamlessly integrated within the Panta Rhei ecosystem.

Administration: Manage multiple users and customer relationships effectively, with flexible permissions and services for all levels.

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