Nutanix Strengthens Cyber Resilience Against Ransomware Attacks

Nutanix has announced new features in the Nutanix Cloud Platform to strengthen organizations’ cyber resilience against ransomware attacks on unstructured data. These new features, available today in Nutanix Data Lens and Nutanix Unified Storage solutions, enable organizations to detect a threat, defend from further damage and begin a 1-click recovery process within 20 minutes of exposure.

The features build on the strength of Nutanix Cloud Platform to protect and secure customers’ most sensitive data across clouds.

Ransomware is a top priority for CIOs and CISOs globally, yet 93% of organizations report they need to be better prepared according to the Enterprise Cloud Index. Speed of detection is more critical now that the average ransomware attack duration accelerated 94% as threat actors become more efficient at breaching, exfiltrating, and enacting a ransomware payload compromising data. Fast data recovery is also essential since recovery can typically take days or even weeks, and incomplete recovery can impact operations long after the attack is over.

“Rapid detection and rapid recovery are two of the most critical elements in successful ransomware planning, yet remain a challenge for many organizations especially as they manage data across multiple clouds,” said Scott Sinclair, Practice Director with the Enterprise Strategy Group. “Nutanix Data Lens and Nutanix Unified Storage, Nutanix Cloud Platform now provides a 20-min detection window and 1-click recovery, with cyber resilience integrated at the unstructured data layer to simplify cyber resilience while accelerating both detection and recovery.”

Nutanix Data Lens is a SaaS-based data security solution that helps proactively assess and mitigate unstructured data security and compliance risks by identifying anomalous activity and auditing user behavior. New capabilities include:

  • Ransomware Detection and Blocking within 20 Minutes: Fast detection combined with automated response helps quickly block attacks, thus minimizing the overall impact of ransomware. This provides an extra layer of security to protect an organization’s unstructured data, reducing data damage.
  • Ransomware 1-Click Recovery: Nutanix Data Lens and Nutanix Unified Storage will identify the last known good snapshot and will automatically recover the share from the snapshot. Customers will have the option to leverage an automated recovery or a manual, guided recovery to quickly restore normal operations.
  • Permission Visibility and Risk Visualization: This enables customers to better understand complex permission structures, audit configurations, and better assess risks. Ensuring data access is aligned to business needs is critical to minimize data loss, support regulatory compliance, and reduce the impact of attacks.

“Many organizations struggle with managing data protection across storage silos and clouds, especially when it comes to data governance and security,” said Thomas Cornely, SVP, Product Management at Nutanix. “With these new ransomware detection and recovery features, the Nutanix Cloud Platform provides built-in ransomware protection, data visibility and automated data governance for Nutanix Files and Objects across clouds to simplify data protection and strengthen an organization’s cyber resilience posture.”

Nutanix Data Lens Now Supports Nutanix Objects

Customers using object storage will now have the same intelligence understanding and forensics available across both Nutanix Files and Nutanix Objects solutions. The advanced auditing and forensic capabilities in Nutanix Data Lens now extend to Nutanix Objects. This enables customers to reduce security and regulatory risks and further simplifies their path to integrated data management across clouds.

These new capabilities build on the Nutanix Cloud Platform’s natively integrated networking and security across clouds. Nutanix Cloud Platform delivers built-in cyber resilience capabilities including automated platform hardening with 1-click data encryption, secure network policies, application microsegmentation, and ransomware data protections. This strengthens an organization’s overall security posture for data and applications across on-premises, public clouds and edge.

Nutanix customers shared:

  • “Understanding access to our data is very important for us to ensure data is secure, safe, and being used properly,” said Robert Pohjanen, IT Architect, LKAB. “Tools like Data Lens give us the insights we need to understand who is accessing our data, if it’s appropriate access, or if there is an attempt to misuse or attack our data. The forensics and the new permissions and access risk views are important tools to keep our data safe from malicious users, or from threats such as ransomware.”
  • “We suffered a ransomware attack, in which our entire legacy infrastructure and our backup were compromised,” said Brunno Amado da Silva Vieira, Senior IT Infrastructure Analyst, Unimed Belém Medical Work Cooperative. “Thanks to Nutanix technology, we were able to recover the most critical applications in a short time, to minimize the impact. Nutanix ended up saving everything, and made us decide that from then on, we will leave the legacy technology and migrate all workloads to Nutanix.”

New features are currently available to customers. More information is available here.

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