Omdia Report says Trend Micro #1 in Vulnerability Disclosure

Trend Micro Incorporated has announced that it discovered a market-leading 60% of vulnerabilities worldwide in 2023 according to a new Omdia report.

To read the full Omdia report, Quantifying the Public Vulnerability Market: 2023 Edition, visit:

Sharda Tickoo, Country Manager for India & SAARC at Trend Micro: “As our business operations, critical infrastructure, and daily lives increasingly rely on software, securing these systems has never been more crucial. Trend’s Zero Day Initiative (ZDI), with its proactive and thorough approach to vulnerability disclosures, combined with our deep expertise, enables us to protect our customers faster than ever before. This leadership mitigates risks and translates into significant cost savings for enterprises, reinforcing our commitment to enhancing global cybersecurity and supporting business continuity.”

Omdia provided an independent comparative analysis of 9 global vendors/organizations that publicly research and disclose vulnerabilities, analyzing 1,211 vulnerabilities disclosed and assigned a CVE in 2023.

Omdia found that Trend discloses over 2.5 times more vulnerabilities than its nearest rival. ZDI has been the world’s largest vendor-agnostic bug bounty program for 16 consecutive years and has led the vulnerability management market since the first market analysis in 2007.

The knowledge and awareness that ZDI research imparts are baked into the Trend Vision OneTM platform, including capabilities like XDR, attack surface management (ASM), and virtual patching. This allows the company to protect its customers better and faster than the competition, including examples like network IPS protection as soon as a vulnerability is discovered and disclosed to the vendor—which is often weeks or even months before an official patch is released.

Overall, in 2023, Omdia found that 10% of all disclosed threats were classified as critical, 69% as high severity, 21% as medium, and less than 1% as low. These findings highlight the program’s success in finding and addressing significant vulnerabilities.

The average cost of a data breach due to an initial access unpatched vulnerability reached an all-time high of $4.45 million in 2023. This figure underscores the significant financial impact of security incidents on organizations. Factors contributing to these costs include detection and escalation, notification, post-breach response, and lost business.

As cyber threats grow more sophisticated, the financial implications for organizations are becoming more severe. Proactive vulnerability management and timely disclosures, long advocated by Trend, are essential in mitigating these risks.

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