SentinelOne Transforms Cloud Security For AWS Customers

Cloud security is a balance between an organisation’s drive to digitally transform and the need to secure a dynamic and fluid environment in an ever-evolving threat landscape. Ephemeral cloud environments such as serverless containers may be short-lived, but they present a real and growing security risk, and attackers can wreak havoc if they are unprotected. SentinelOne, a global leader in AI-powered security, today announced the launch of Singularity Cloud Workload Security for Serverless Containers, a new offering that provides real-time, AI-powered protection to secure containerised workloads running on AWS Fargate for Amazon ECS and Amazon EKS.

“As a long-time and strategic Amazon Partner Network member, we are committed to delivering market-leading innovations through simple integrations that enable customers to improve their security outcomes and change the game,” said Brian Lanigan, Senior Vice President, Global Ecosystem, SentinelOne.

And customers are seeing value.

As noted on PeerSpot by a Senior Software Engineer who uses SentinelOne Singularity Cloud Workload Security,  “The visibility of workload telemetry is excellent, and the hunting capabilities are second to none. The most valuable feature is the ability to gain deep visibility into the workloads inside containers.”

Securing Short-Term Resources

Ephemeral containerised workloads running on AWS Fargate allow rapid scale and deployment to refresh environments, offering business and technical agility. However, their short-lived nature does not automatically mean they are secure. While these resources may only live for minutes, attackers can compromise within seconds and look for opportunities to move to higher-value, longer-living resources ahead of the ephemeral resource being deleted. Adversaries can also gain an initial foothold elsewhere in a cloud environment and pivot to serverless container resources to conduct attacks, such as crypto-mining.

“Enterprises of all sizes are increasingly moving toward serverless infrastructure services to accelerate innovation at scale, and it is critical that these resources are protected,” said Ely Kahn, Vice President, Product Management, Cloud Security, SentinelOne. “With AWS Fargate, developers can focus on building applications without managing servers and get ideas into production more quickly, and with SentinelOne, they can be sure they do so securely.”

Delivering AI-Powered Protection

Singularity Cloud Workload Security for Serverless Containers is AI-powered runtime protection that leverages five autonomous detection engines to detect runtime threats like ransomware, zero-days, and file-less exploits in real-time and streamline machine-speed response actions. AWS customers can now protect their containerised workloads however they are launched, from Amazon EC2 to AWS Fargate.

Cloud Workload Security is part of SentinelOne’s cloud security portfolio, which includes Singularity Cloud Native Security and Singularity Cloud Data Security. The solution sits on top of the Singularity Platform and Singularity Data Lake, delivering the most comprehensive CNAPP in the market.

SentinelOne’s Singularity Platform protects the entire enterprise across every endpoint, identity, and workload on every cloud. The unified, intelligent platform ingests data from any source and applies advanced AI and machine learning to normalise, consolidate, and contextualise insights in a single, powerful data lake. Through simple integration, relevant AWS logs, including AWS CloudTrail and AWS Security Hub, can also be ingested.

Driving SOC Efficiency
The Singularity Platform is supercharged with the power of Purple AI, an advanced generative AI security analyst that provides autonomous SecOps tools designed to radically accelerate security teams’ threat hunting and investigations, reduce Mean Time to Response, and deliver complete end-to-end AI-powered enterprise security to stay ahead of attacks.

“Detecting attacks is only one part of the security equation,” Kahn said. “By combining SentinelOne’s agent and agentless capabilities with the power of Purple AI, security teams can now more automatically hunt for, triage, and investigate these attacks using the power of Purple AI’s natural language translation, summarisation, and guided hunting capabilities.”

Singularity Cloud Workload Security support for Fargate EKS is generally available now, and support for Fargate ECS is available to early adopters. To learn more about the solution and the value it can deliver,  click here.

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