Yantra to invest Rs.100 crore in India’s Gen AI market

Yantra Tech Innovation Labs Pvt Ltd. (Yantra), a management and technology services provider, has announced its plans to invest Rs. 100 crore in India’s Gen AI market.
In line with this, Yantra is planning an aggressive hiring strategy of onboarding 500 highly skilled individuals from across the country in a span of two years. This strategic expansion comes in response to the company’s continued growth and commitment to delivering cutting-edge cloud technology solutions to its clients.

As the world grapples with economic challenges and shifting landscapes, Yantra is focused on channeling progress with technological advancement in the next generation of Artificial Intelligence in India. With global offices in Pune, San Francisco, Toronto, and Manila, Yantra works with the offices of CFOs and CIOs on progressively innovative ideas to invest in Gen AI-led solutions for finance, operations, and business transformation initiatives.

Commenting on this announcement, Vikram Bhandari, Founder, and CEO, of Yantra, said, “Businesses are increasingly adopting cloud platforms, and we believe that integrating generative AI will bring automation of repetitive tasks, data-informed decision-making, and enhanced efficiency. GenAI will benefit large corporations and SMEs, across various industries and verticals like finance and accounting, HR, supply chain and operations, sales and marketing, and customer support. Our significant investment in India’s GenAI space aligns seamlessly with our vision for growth, reinforcing our position as industry leaders committed to pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks. To support this initiative, we aim to attract, recruit, and train top talent in the Indian job market by providing a platform for young, innovative minds.”

Yantra’s INR 100 Crore investment in India’s GenAI market underscores confidence in the country’s artificial intelligence potential. Committed to fostering innovation, this investment aims to expand service offerings and enhance the capabilities of Yantra’s Centre of Excellence in Pune. Yantra looks forward to welcoming fresh perspectives that contribute value and enrich its innovative culture, playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of GenAI in India.

Commenting on this monumental decision, Rajesh Pawar, Director of Indian Operations, Yantra said, “Amidst a slowly tightening job market, we see a strategic window to attract top talent. With a team boasting unique skills and powered by GenAI, our focus is on elevating efficiency and intelligence in business operations. Significant investments in India’s GenAI market will drive broader technological advancements, fostering a potent ecosystem for stronger, more progressive organizations.”

Yantra, a leader in digital transformation with over 300 people in India since 2018, opened an additional office in September 2023 in Pune, India. The substantial investment made in India operations by Yantra will accelerate research and development in GenAI, expand the talent pool, and strengthen its global market presence. Along with adding value by training best-of-breed Gen AI consultants and designing bespoke solutions for its clients across the world of fintech, retail, software, manufacturing, service, jewelry, financial services, and distribution, while simultaneously accelerating the company’s plans to enter into other sectors as well.

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